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The wrathful Mahakala

Mahākāla (tib.: Nag po chen po) belongs to the Dharmapalas, the protectors of the Buddhism. There are 75 different kind of manifestations. This Thangka shows him as  the wrathful black protector with six arms. 

Mahakala is one of the Eight Guardians of the Law, whose duty is to protect Buddhism against its enemies.  In this six-armed manifestation, he tramples on the obstacle-creating, prostrate Ganesha. 

He is the wrathful deity that destroys mind chatter and brings our minds back into attentive focus.

The wrathful apparition is an emanation of Buddha Akshobhya, one of the five Dhyani Buddhas. Mahakala is one of the most important guardian deities of both the Karma Kagyupa school as well as most other schools of Tibetan Buddhism