Darkblue Vajrakila-Heruka
(Benzarkila)  - surrounded by other Mandala Deities
Vajrakila Heruka (click image for further informations)
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Vajrakila (- also Benzarkila, Dorje Phurba), surrounded by major deities of his mandala or field of enlightenment (Buddha field), can be easily recognized by holding a magical dagger (phurbu) in his hands, which enforces him to ban all kind of hindrances, caused by lower demons, angry nagas or ghosts (pretas). He can be invoked as a protector as well as a deity for self-identification. His most common mantra is 'OM VAJRAKILA KILAYA SARVA BENGANIN BAM HUNG PHET'. This dark-blue Vajrakila is a wrathful emanation of the water element (Akshobhya Buddha). The seed-syllable is HUNG. The Vajrakilaya tantra has a special importance in the Nyinmapa, Sakyapa and Kagyu traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.
Tibetan thangka of the 19th century (- collection unknown)
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