The Basic Guru Yoga Meditation

of Diamond Way Buddhism


16th Karmapa Meditation

The Four Thoughts

We feel the formless stream of air at the tips of our noses and let thoughts and feelings pass without evaluation.

Then we focus on the four basic thoughts, which turn mind towards liberation and enlightenment:

  1. We recognize our precious opportunity in this life, that we can benefit countless beings through the methods of a Buddha. Few people ever meet Diamond Way teachings and even fewer are able to use them.
  2. We remember the impermanence of everything composite. Only the unlimited clear space of mind is lasting and it is uncertain how long conditions will remain for recognizing it.
  3. We understand causality. That it is up to us what will happen. Former thoughts, words and actions became our present state and right now we are sowing the seeds for our future.
  4. Finally, we see the reasons for working with mind. Enlightenment is timeless highest bliss, and we cannot benefit others while confused or disturbed ourselves.

Therefore we now open up to those who can teach us.


For the good of all beings we take refuge in the Buddha, mind's full development;
In his teachings which bring us there;
In the Sangha;
And especially in the Lama, here the 16th Karmapa. He unites blessing, methods and protection and is needed for our fast development.

Building-up Phase

Now, out of space in front of us, condenses the golden, transparent form of the 16th Karmapa, a radiant field of energy and light. He wears the Black Crown, the shape of which can awaken mind's deepest awareness. His face is golden and mild. He sees us, knows us and wishes us everything good. His hands hold a dorje and a bell crossed at his heart. They express the state of compassion and wisdom inseparable. Seated in meditation posture, he is surrounded by light.

Karmapa unites space and bliss and is the activity of all Buddhas. His essence is here whether a clear image is perceived or not. We strongly wish to accomplish his enlightened qualities for the benefit of all.

Karmapa knows our wish. He smiles and comes ever closer through space. He now remains at a pleasant distance in front of us. "Dearest Lama, essence of all Buddhas, please show us the power, which removes the ignorance and obscurations of all beings and ourselves. Let mind's timeless light be recognized inside us."

Blessing Phase - Body

A strong clear light radiates from between Karmapa's eyebrows and enters the same place in our forehead. Our head is filled with powerful clear light. The light dissolves all disturbing impressions in brain, nerves and senses. All causes and imprints of harmful actions disappear and our body relaxes. It becomes a conscious tool for protecting and helping others. We retain the clear light for as long as we wish and experience the inner vibration of the syllable OM.

Blessing Phase - Speech

Emanating from Karmapa's throat, a radiant beam of red light streams out. It enters our mouth and throat and dissolves all difficulties in our speech. All impressions of harmful and confused words disappear and we become conscious of our speech. It is now compassion and wisdom, a powerful tool for benefiting others. Along with the red light, we retain the deep vibration of the syllable AH.

Blessing Phase - Mind

From the heart level in the centre of Karmapa's transparent body, an intense blue light shines out. It fills the middle of our chest. Everything harmful now leaves our mind. Disturbing feelings and stiff ideas dissolve and our mind becomes spontaneous joy. It is space and bliss inseparable. Together with the deep blue light vibrates the syllable HUNG.

Great Seal transmission

Now, all three lights enter us at the same time. Clear light fills our head, red light our throat and blue light our heart center. Thus we obtain the essential state of the Great Seal.

While receiving the lights, we may use the mantra KARMAPA CHENNO. It means power of all Buddhas work through us. We repeat it loudly or inwardly.

KARMAPA CHENNO, KARMAPA CHENNO, KARMAPA CHENNO, ........ (repeat mantra as long as you wish)

Completion Phase

In front, Karmapa's golden form and his Black Crown dissolve into rainbow light. It falls on us, is everywhere and all form disappears. There is now only awareness, with no center or limit.


Thoughts and phenomena are the free play of space.


Activity phase

Now, our surroundings, this world and all worlds appear, perfect and pure. Every atom vibrates with joy and is kept together by love. Everything is fresh and meaningful, radiant with unlimited potential. Beings manifest, near and far. They are female or male Buddhas, whether they know it or not. Sounds are mantras and all thoughts wisdom, for the sole reason that they can happen.

We feel our own body condense out of space. It is power and joy. Something essential has happened. Before, we WERE our body and thus vulnerable to old age, sickness, death and loss. Now we HAVE our body. Body and speech are conscious tools for benefiting others. Our true essence, and we know that now, is the clear awareness just experienced. It was also present when there was no form.

We decide to keep this understanding in all life's situations and wish that the good impressions that just appeared become limitless. May they bring all beings the only lasting joy, that of knowing mind.